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Drawer & Enclosed Type Rackmount Fiber Termination Patch Panel Box
Price RM25.00 - RM290.00
Product SKU S917
Brand STPlus
Availability 7

Enclosed & drawer type with functions of fiber fusion splicing, storage and distributing, mainly used for the termination and distribution of central trunk cables in optical fiber communication systems, which can conveniently realize the connection, distribution, and scheduling of the optical fiber line. Suitable for small and medium wiring systems such as FTTZ, FTTB.


- Enclosed type rackmount patch panel box, long lasting & convenient, thickened sheet durable, meticulous craftmanship.

- Drawer type rackmount patch panel box, easy to pull tight gap and not easy to loosen, waterproof and anti-rust precision machining is easy to use.

- 4 import expansion design, easy to expand adopting four-inlet design can enter 4 at a time or 2in 2out application.

- Adapter panel module, use with drawer or enclosed type distribution frame can be equipped with MPO SC LC FC ST adapter.

- 6 cores in one piece, no installation, more convenient, the fiber optic adapters all meet the carrier-grade standard, 95% of the adapters have an insertion loss of 0.15dB, the plastic parts are VO grade flame retardant.

- Flexible & easy to operate, users can choose MPO FC SC LC ST connectors according to their needs. If they need to upgrade later, they only need to replace the adapter panel, no need to replace the patch panel, and reduce costs.

- Easy to use & reusable, made of ABS plastic, good repeatability, plug and play.


- Material: Cold-rolling steel

- Dimensions enclosed & drawer type: 430mm x 350mm x 45mm

- Weight enclosed & drawer type: 1.5kg

- Suitable Adapter: MPO / SC / ST / FC / LC

- Capacity adapter panel: 6 Cores

- Splicing tray: 12/24 ports

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